WPC Wood Decking Tile Plus - Indoor & Outdoor Tile - Walnut

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Lazy Tiles, a groundbreaking solution in construction and design, introduces environmentally friendly and sustainable materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike traditional timber, Lazy Tiles not only surpasses expectations but also mitigates various limitations associated with conventional building materials. Its versatility shines through as it seamlessly adapts to diverse environments, making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior spaces.

A standout feature of Lazy Tiles is its maintenance simplicity, eliminating the need for staining, oiling, or painting. This characteristic enhances the aesthetic appeal of indoor areas while ensuring outdoor installations maintain their allure without the hassle of regular upkeep. Lazy Tiles' termite-proof properties add an extra layer of protection to structures, whether they are within the confines of a living room or gracing the exterior of a commercial building.

The high slip resistance rating of R10 prioritizes safety in both indoor and outdoor spaces, catering to various weather conditions. Rigorously tested for water resistance with an impressive P5 rating, Lazy Tiles are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, as well as outdoor patios and pool areas. This dual-purpose adaptability ensures that Lazy Tiles can be seamlessly integrated into both indoor spaces where moisture is a concern and outdoor areas exposed to the elements.

Emphasizing its resilience, Lazy Tiles are constructed to withstand the rigors of weather, preventing issues such as rotting, mold, and mildew. This robust quality ensures that Lazy Tiles maintain their integrity, whether used for indoor flooring or outdoor decking. In conclusion, Lazy Tiles stands as a frontrunner in sustainable construction materials, excelling in both eco-friendly attributes and adaptability for a cohesive design approach across a wide range of applications. It represents the future of versatile, sustainable building materials that cater to the diverse needs of modern construction and design.

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Lazy Tiles provides peace of mind, assuring a long-term investment in quality, durability, and protection against potential issues, enhancing overall satisfaction and trust in the product

Why Lazy Tiles?

Lazy Tiles Decking Tile Plus - Walnut - Lazy Tiles
Effortless Installation
Pro Endurance
Premium Finishing
Enhanced Safety
  • Indoor

    Our tiles are a great addition to your interior. With the natural wood, stone, or grass pattern, the warm colours will make any room feel cosy and welcoming.
  • Outdoor

    Our tiles are perfect for decking because they can withstand extreme weather. They are also water, termite, and rot-resistant.
  • Balcony

    The tiles are easy to install even in smaller spaces like your balcony. Just stack them by yourself without any need for mallets, nails, or glue.



Lazy Tiles Decking Tile Plus - Walnut - Lazy Tiles
WPC Decking
12 years



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  • Effortless Installation

    Lazy Tiles offer easy, tool-free installation, making them ideal for DIY projects and quick setup.

  • Pro Endurance

    Built to withstand environmental challenges, Lazy Tiles are durable and resilient for long-lasting outdoor use.

  • Premium Finishing

    Available in various styles, they provide a sophisticated, natural look to enhance your outdoor space's aesthetics.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Non-slip surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents, especially in wet conditions, safer outdoor environment.