Lazy Tiles provides environmental-friendly, sustainable material, outperforming traditional timber without any of its drawbacks. No staining, oiling, or painting is needed; it is also termite-proof, highly slip-resistant (R10), and tested for water resistance (P5). Further, it is built to withstand weather, preventing rotting, mold, and mildew.

Stone Decking Tiles


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Stone Tiles

Lazy Tiles' stone decking tiles are made of natural stone. However, unlike other natural stone tiles, you do not need mortar or other adhesive to assemble them. With a modern, top-of-the-line interlocking deck system, our stone decking tiles can be assembled on any flat surface without any hassle. Therefore, these tiles can be installed by anyone, including beginners, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals. Other than their convenience, these natural stone decking tiles look as beautiful as other stone tiles. This is because they are made from natural stones with particular stone characteristics. For example, our stone tiles will have little bumps and some natural wear as stones usually look. Lazy Tiles also has a collection full of different coloured stones. Hence, you can choose which colour combination suits your aesthetics best.

Due to the interlocking deck system, you can assemble these stone tiles with any other interlocking tiles, like WPC tiles or Grass Tiles. They have the same base system that clicks together to create a whole. With this flexibility, you have the creative freedom to create your dream decking. There will be no cleaning hassle as well. Once you install our stone decking tiles, they only need to be mopped and cleaned as any other flooring. There is no need to paint, stain, or oil these tiles because they will keep their natural shine with basic maintenance. Versatility is also one of the reasons why these stone tiles are popular. They can be assembled on any flat surface, either indoors or outdoors. Stone decking tiles are especially great for outdoor use because they are weather and water-resistant. These characteristics also make them a good choice for flooring in wet areas like pools and gardens.

Last but not least, these stone tiles are reusable. Simply disassemble them if you want to move them to another area. They use no mortar or glue, so they will not break when you detach them from one another. If you do not need them anymore, you can recycle them because they are created from sustainable materials. Therefore, by using these stone decking tiles, you are contributing to our planet's efforts to reduce waste. All our tiles also have a 12-year warranty should a manufacturer defect occur. You can bring your tiles in for repair during that 12-year period. With this warranty in place, you can shop with no risk at all and enjoy your new stone tiles.