Lazy Tiles provides environmental-friendly, sustainable material, outperforming traditional timber without any of its drawbacks. No staining, oiling, or painting is needed; it is also termite-proof, highly slip-resistant (R10), and tested for water resistance (P5). Further, it is built to withstand weather, preventing rotting, mold, and mildew.

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Grass Tiles

Artificial Grass

Gardening is not everyone’s favourite, but everyone loves a house with a bit of greenery. That is why artificial grass tiles are popular in Australia. Grass tiles are a simple, low-maintenance, and cheap alternative to a full-fledged garden. They also look just as great as real grass without all the hassle. Real grass takes time to grow and fill your turf, whereas grass tiles are ready to install with a simple interlocking system. Simply click them together and you will instantly get a seamless, fertile-looking yard. These perks make artificial grass a great choice for renters and families with children and pets.

Moreover, grass tiles are easy to maintain. Unlike real grass, artificial grass will not grow or die. You will not need to water or mow artificial grass. To keep them shiny and odour-free, hose them regularly to get rid of dust or stains. The grass tiles’ PVC base has an excellent drainage system to let the water dry. The drainage system also prevents soggy soils during the rainy season. Grass tiles are also not vulnerable to pests or mould, so there is no need to worry about germs.

Grass tiles make your redecorating ideas easier, as well. These tiles can be attached and detached anytime you want. You can also take out a tile and change it without damaging the others. They will not break if you detach them, so you can reuse them as is. These are some reasons why families with children and dogs love artificial grass.

Other than their functionality perks, these grass tiles are also environmentally friendly. Artificial grass is made of recyclable plastic, so you can recycle it when you need to throw it. Interested in our grass tiles? Check out our artificial grass collection and choose what fits you most!