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What Is Composite Decking? See Here for 7 Composite Decking Benefits


What Is Composite Decking? See Here for 7 Composite Decking Benefits

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about composite decking, especially when you’re looking to install a deck. It’s one material that people love because it looks like wood but requires less hassle. But, what is composite decking exactly? Is it better than wood? 

In this article, we’ll further explain the 7 benefits you will get if you choose composite decking.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a type of flooring that mixes wood fibres and plastic. Hence, you get tiles that look like wood but are as durable as plastic. This feature makes them favoured by many people, especially DIY enthusiasts. 

The decking tiles are affordable as well. They are more pricey than some materials like treated pine, but composite decking is a great long-term investment because they are low maintenance.

Composite Decking Benefits

Extremely Durable

Composite decking is durable and can last decades without rigorous maintenance. The plastic component of the tiles keeps them waterproof and rot-free all the time. With no possible way for moisture to build up, there is little chance that the tiles will develop mould. Therefore, the composite decking tiles will stay pristine after rain and sun.

However, remember that sun exposure can make the tiles’ colour fade. This is a normal process, as the tiles’ materials adjust with UV light. Don’t worry, colour fading won’t affect the composite decking’s performance. It will still be as sturdy as ever.

Easy to Assemble

Unlike wooden decking or pavers, composite decking tiles are easy to assemble. The tiles are fitted with interlocking PVC bases, like making a puzzle. These interlocking bits will attach without glue or adhesives, so they will save you time.

Composite decking is DIY-friendly, too, for amateurs and professionals. If you have free time during the weekend, you can go install the composite decking yourself, saving labour costs. 


You can install composite decking anywhere as long as it has a level surface. That means you can install it indoors, outdoors, on the balcony, in the garage, anywhere. It also comes in various designs, like stone decking tiles and grass tiles. 

This gives you room for creativity. With these options, you can have a deck with a grass patch, or make a stone path on your balcony. These combinations add charm to your house, reflecting your personality.

Easy to Clean

Compared to other materials, composite decking is much easier to clean. The material is durable and they don’t need a specific cleaning solution to keep them shiny. A hose and a rinse every once in a while will keep the tiles clean.

Then, if you have monthly cleaning in your schedule, wash the tiles with soapy water to get the dust and debris out. You might be asking where the water will go after the cleaning session. The composite decking’s base has drainage holes that can drain water after cleaning. So, there’s no worry.

Therefore, if you are busy and don’t have a lot of time for deck maintenance, choose composite decking. 


Composite decking has an anti-slip surface and grouts strategically placed on top. So, even after a day of rain or a cleaning session, your deck will stay safe. This makes composite decking a perfect choice for households with children and pets.

Furthermore, the decking tiles are not coarse like stone. The surface is great to step on and comfortable to sit on, making it an ideal play area for young children and pets. Composite decking doesn’t have splinters, too, so the injury risk will be very low.

Renter Friendly

Composite decking attaches easily and detaches just as easily. Because it uses no adhesives, it won’t damage the surface it was put on. Hence, when you move to another house, you can pack your deck tiles and reinstall them there. Your old house will look like new, ensuring your bond is safe.


Last but not least, composite decking tiles are environmentally friendly. They are made mostly of wood, bamboo, or stone, so they can be processed by nature. These tiles are also highly reusable because their quality won’t diminish after years of use. 


Composite decking is made with durable material, making it a great choice for decking. It’s easy to assemble and clean, perfect for people who have busy lives. The decking tiles are also DIY-friendly, so you can save labour costs by installing them yourself. By DIY-ing the deck, you allow yourself some creativity by combining multiple decking styles. 

Other than that, composite decking is perfectly safe and great for families with children and pets. The tiles are also safe for the environment because it is recyclable and reusable. This trait makes them the best decking material for renters and short-term holidayers.