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Why You Should Buy Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass?

Why You Should Buy Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass?


Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy with Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

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Our pets are our pride and joy, but you know they can be a bit of a mess. For pet parents, maintaining a clean house can be challenging, especially when they love nothing more than to rub their fur all over your yard. Plus, playing in the dirt or grass can cause various skin allergies because of mould or pests.
However, keeping your pets indoors forever is impossible, so what should you do? The solution is to get pet friendly artificial grass in your yard. Why is that? How can this material benefit pet owners? 
Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance Cleaning artificial grass is a breeze, just a quick rinse with a hose. No need for harsh chemicals or precise maintenance routines. If the urine smell gets unbearable, you simply need to hose the surface down and spray vinegar and water mixture onto the patch. After that, your yard will look as good as new.
Consistent and Waterproof Pet friendly artificial grass stays clean and consistent after years of use. They will stay clean because you don't need soil to install them. Their base is made of PVC complete with drainage holes, so they are 100% waterproof, too. Moisture can drain away through the bottom of the grass, ensuring a clean and dry surface for your pets to enjoy.
Mould and Pest Resistant Unlike natural grass, pet friendly artificial grass is resistant to mould and pests, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pets. The grass's surface will stay dry because of its waterproof feature, keeping bacteria and fungi from growing. Artificial grass also helps minimise the risk of skin-related allergies and diseases, keeping your pets healthy and happy.
High Durability Durability is another key feature of pet-friendly artificial grass. These grass tiles are built to last, even if your pets play rough. The artificial grass can withstand scratches and bites without breaking, ensuring that your yard lasts long.
Saves Time Natural grass takes time to grow. However, pet-friendly artificial grass can be installed quickly. Once they are in place, your turf will be full of grass in no time. Hence, you can transform your turf into a pet paradise and let your pet run around.
Renter-Friendly Another benefit of pet-friendly artificial grass is its renter-friendly nature. With an easy attach-detach system, the grass tiles can be transported to any location, making them perfect for renters who move around frequently. Plus, the reusable nature of artificial grass means that it can be used repeatedly. Saves time, saves money.
Tip: How to Spot Good Pet Friendly Artificial Grass There are a lot of artificial grass options in the market, and it is crucial that you choose the right one. Consider pet friendly artificial grass that has these characteristics.

  • Have a 7-25 mm pile height to accommodate high traffic, especially for pets. Shorter piles flatten less than longer piles.

  • Have a heavier weight. A heavier weight means that the material is denser and more durable.

  • Have sufficient drainage so rain and urine can pass through. This way, the surface will dry efficiently without pooling moisture.

  • Have an attach-detach feature so you can put it on any surface. With this feature, you can reuse the artificial grass even as you move around.

You can also pay attention to the artificial grass' colour if you want a more natural look. If the grass has a little bit of brown and thatch on the bottom, it will look more natural on your lawn. If you want to consult with an expert, you can consider contacting us. Lazy Tiles supplied decking tiles, specialising in wood, stone, and grass tiles. Our artificial grass has the perfect thickness and density, ensuring your yard looks lush and natural. These convenient pet friendly artificial grass can keep your pet and house as clean as possible without wasting your energy. They offer various benefits for both pet owners and pets, from easy maintenance and durability to cleanliness and health benefits.