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Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget


Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget


Having a backyard is a blessing, even more so if you live in the middle of a city. To make the most of your outdoor space, you should upgrade it into a beautiful deck to relax in. But, making a deck can be expensive, especially if you want a beautiful one. So, here are some backyard deck ideas on a budget. Simple, but still beautiful.

Are you starting from scratch or have a deck that needs refurbishing? If you are starting from scratch, read along to see some tips and info. For those with an existing deck, skip to the backyard improvement ideas.

New Backyard Deck Ideas

Build a Deck with Affordable Materials

The first step to saving money during your backyard makeover is to build the deck with affordable materials. Keep in mind that affordable doesn’t mean low quality. Many decking options – like composite decking tiles – will give you a bang for your buck. 

When you think of a deck, wooden decking comes to mind. Wooden decking is affordable and beautiful, so it makes sense to start from that. However, we have to consider our budget in the long run. Wooden decking needs constant maintenance and repair to keep its shape.

Therefore, composite decking (a mix of wood fibres and plastic) is better. It has the same look as wooden decking but has the durability of plastic. This trait makes them waterproof, mould-free, and weather-resistant. It won’t need constant cleaning, so a hosing every once in a while is enough. No expensive cleaning service is needed.

How much does composite decking cost?

Composite decking is usually sold under $10 per tile. If you have a 50 m2 backyard, you will spend roughly $3,800 - $4,700.

Try DIY and Save Building Costs

DIY-ing is one of the most cost-effective ways to build a backyard deck. Tackling the installation yourself can save money, especially in labour costs. With the right tools, materials, and online guidance you can build the best backyard without breaking the bank.

If you decide to go with composite decking tiles, then you will have an easy time. Composite decking is designed for DIY-ers, amateurs or professionals. The tiles’ bases are like a puzzle, they click together to form a whole. You won’t even need glue or paste to stick them. Just click them together and they will cover your backyard space.

Consider A Floating Deck

A floating deck is like any other deck but it isn’t attached to your house. It’s built in a separate area from your house, so you won’t need any stairs or railings. It is more affordable because building railings or stairs means more materials. When you’re on a budget, extra materials aren’t what you need.

Therefore, a floating deck can be your best option. You can be even more creative with a floating deck. Put artificial grass, wooden boards, or ceramics if that’s what you like. With a floating deck, you can have an outdoor space with a low budget.

Backyard Improvement Ideas While Staying on a Budget

Optimise Space with Multi-Level Decks

If you’re looking to improve your existing deck, you can consider optimising it into multi-level decks. This provides separate zones for lounging, dining, and entertaining. By varying the height and layout of your deck, you can create visual interest and define different areas for different activities. Consider integrating built-in seating and potted plants to improve aesthetics while staying within your budget. 

Add Shade and Lighting

Another handy way for you to improve your backyard deck is to add shade or lighting. You can add a shade sail or pergolas if your budget allows. Wooden pergolas, especially the DIY ones, are affordable so they won’t make a huge dent in your budget. 

Adding string lights will also improve the overall look. They can be installed over the pergola, drawing attention to the soft lights. The pergola and lights combo will make your deck look warmer, more comfortable, and more inviting.

Place Greenery to Fill the Space

Integrate natural elements such as climbing vines to add privacy to your backyard deck. Strategically placed foliage creates a lush atmosphere and minimises exposure to harsh sunlight. Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive in your climate to ensure easy upkeep and long-term enjoyment of your outdoor oasis.

Creating a backyard deck on a budget shouldn’t mean sacrificing style. By exploring innovative solutions such as composite decking tiles, DIY projects, and floating decks you can achieve a stunning outdoor space that reflects your personality. With careful planning and a touch of creativity, your backyard can become a sanctuary for relaxation, recreation, and connection with nature.